Heat Pumps in Greater New Orleans

Using a heat pump in your HVAC system is becoming more and more popular. A heat pump combines both heating and cooling functions in the same unit, eliminating the need for a gas or electric furnace, except as a standby in very cold climates. When you consider the climate in Southeast Louisiana, a heat pump becomes a very viable option.

When you want to cool a room during the summer, the unit will operate on the principles of standard central air conditioning. Heat is absorbed from the air in your home by the indoor evaporator coil and conveyed by compressed refrigerant to the outdoor condenser coil where it’s exhausted into the air.

Value of Heat Pumps

When you want to heat a room during the winter, a heat pump utilizes a special valve to reverse the flow of refrigerant through the system and exchange functions of the indoor and outdoor coils. The outdoor coil extracts latent heat present in cold winter air and the compressor concentrates the heat in the refrigerant. The flow of hot refrigerant is conveyed to the indoor coil where it disperses heat into the ductwork to warm the house.

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