Preventative Maintenance

Proper air conditioner maintenance, heating maintenance, and generator maintenance will keep each system running smoothly and at peak efficiency. At Mayeux’s Air Conditioning, & Generator Systems LLC, our expert technicians are trained by the manufacturers directly in order to ensure outstanding preventative maintenance results for our patrons throughout Norco, LaPlace, Luling, Destrehan, Hahnville, and all our service areas.

Learn more below about the benefits of preventative maintenance, as well as the specifics behind our MEP Service Plan and Generator Maintenance Program.

Preventative Maintenance Benefits

Our diagnostic technicians at Mayeux’s Air Conditioning, Heating, & Generator Systems LLC are EPA and HVAC certified in order to bring you the most advanced and reliable preventative maintenance for your air conditioner, heater, and generator.


Preventative maintenance of each of these units brings with it tangible benefits. Tune-ups and professional cleanings serve to:


- Correct minor problems before they potentially balloon into major issues


- Optimize energy efficiency through minimizing energy consumption


- Decrease cost of your energy bill over time


- Increase lifespan of your equipment


- Decrease the likelihood of having to make emergency repair calls


At Mayeux’s, we always guarantee superlative customer service results.

MEP Service Plan

Our Maintenance and Efficiency Program (MEP) is crafted to keep your HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system running efficiently through the inclusion of two preventative maintenance visits per year from Mayeux’s skilled, manufacturer-trained technicians.


The initial visit occurs in the spring and aims to improve performance through a focus on your condensing unit(s). A second visit, scheduled in the fall, zeroes in on heating unit efficiency.



Generator Maintenance Program

Our Generator Maintenance Program extends our incredible preventative maintenance coverage to generator units, ensuring that you have the backup power you need in the event of a routine power outage or natural disaster.


Manufacturers suggest that generator maintenance occur either once a year or for every 100 hours the generator is running (whichever occurs first). Our program provides peace of mind by acting as an investment that ensures your unit runs at optimal performance, minimizing the possibility of expensive repairs and keeping your generator running longer through the routine replacement of air and oil filters, spark plug replacement, electrical connection checks, and more. Discover the additional benefits and coverage of our service plans.

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